Terry Deary is an actor so he has adapted his own books as plays.

In 2016 his original play "The Macbethy Curse" was performed at The Octagon Theatre in Bolton and in schools around England. He hopes to follow it with a new play in 2017.

"Horrible Histories - The Mad Millennium" broke box-office records when it opened at Cardiff's Sherman Theatre in Summer 1999.

"Crackers Christmas", based on Terry's "Horrible Christmas Book" ran at the Sherman in December 2000. In 2002 Terry revived the play in a version for Barrow-in-Furness. Terry starred in that production himself.

"Wild Wales" was performed as a reading at the Sherman in 2001

"Horrible Histories" on tour

For 2013 there is a new script for "Barmy Britain" at the Garrick theatre from August. Details of performances HERE

Birmingham Stage Co's "Horrible Histories" will be produced in London's West End, (Garrick Theatre), from February 2012 to at least September. It's a one-hour "Barmy Britain" special. A one man + one woman show. 
  The announcement was made in the House of Lords in November.

Is this any way for children to learn about history? Too right it is. If lessons were always like this, kids would be queuing up at the school gates every morning!”

Dominic Maxwell, The Times

“Horrible Histories brings the story of Britain throbbingly alive in this hilarious show! Bloody, marvellous stuff!”

When "Horrible Histories - Groovy Greeks" toured Britain in 2015/16 Terry recorded the voice of Zeus. For the final week, at Terry's home city of Sunderland, Terry is cast to appear on stage as Zeus.

Birmingham Stage Company Productions

Birmingham Stage Co's "Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain" has been produced in London's West End, (Garrick Theatre/Apollo Theatre), sinceFebruary 2012 and is now the longest-running children's show in London's West End. 

This top children's theatre company have the licence to present 'Horrible Histories' on stage around the world from Dubai to Hong Kong, Singapore to Sydney Opera House.

They use the spectacular "bogglevision" 3D effects. You can read about it here.

"Terrible Tudors" and "Vile Victorians" in bogglevision began with a 2006 tour. 

For 2009 Terry wrote two completely new plays for Birmingham Stage Company to tour round Britain; they will be "Horrible Histories - The Blitzed Brits" and "Horrible Histories - The Frightful First World War". Since then the company has produced plays based on the "Horrible Histories" subjects including Romans and Egyptians, Greeks and Invaders. 

Go to and click on their "Forthcoming productions" page to see if Terry's plays will be coming to a theatre near you.