New books to enjoy


For Irish readers there is a new series available now - "Talers of Ballydoon". These books are fiction with links to the Irish national curriculum. Enjoy and learn.

Let's Discover! Novels | Book Categories | CJ FallonAnd catch up on the new 'Wiggott's Wonderful Waxworld' and read 'Terror Train' before Book 2 is published in September, 'Fire Flight'.


Published in September 2019 will be a reprint of 'Master Crook's Crime Academy'. Look out for 'Burglary for Beginners' and 'Robbery for Rascals' -  a bind-up of the first two books in the 'Master Crook's Crime Academy' series. 


Also ... in October 2019, a new edition of "Horrible Histories - Horrible Christmas"

Horrible Histories: Horrible Christmas by [Deary, Terry]

For adults look out for a new series 'Peasants Revolting ...' starting with 'Peasants Revolting Crime'

And catch up with 'The Silver Hand' before Book 2, 'An Unlikely Spy' is published in September 2019

The Silver Hand (Flashbacks)  


Latest News

Spring 2024

This year I'll be writing two new books and a play.

1. 'Actually I'm a murderer' a murder-mystery will be published in 2025 but I'll be starting the next title in...