New "Horrible Histories" title

The all new "Gruesome Great Houses" is published in August

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New 'True Time Tales' titles

August 2017 sees the launch of 4 new books in the Bloomsbury series. They are 4 fictional stories based on historical fact. The latest series looks at Saxon tales.

They are:-

"The Witch who Faced the Fire" plus ...

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The first ever series of "Tales" are being released with new jackets:-

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New "Horrible Histories" titles

and jackets

Out in June 2017 are three new editions of the popular "Horrible Histories" series:-

  • 'Horrible Histories - England'
  • 'Horrible Histories - Ireland''
And the last new "Horrible Histories" title was 'This is a Horrible Colouring book'
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Horrible histories with new covers are released through the year and they include:-
  • 'Horrible Histories - Britain and Ireland'

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  • 'Horrible Histories - Gruesome Guides' with new jackets out in summer 2017 are:-
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... and for Turkish readers ...

here are the newly released editionjs of "The Fire Thief" trilogy. They are published by Tudem and available separately or as a boxed set. (My favourite covers of all the 300 books I've published)





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August/September 2017

It's 2017 and that means ...

it's 40 years since I first published a book ("Teaching Through Theatre" 1977) this year will see my 300th published book and 150th

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