I'm an ex-museum manager so I want to bring those skills to creating exhibitions based upon mybooks. Past exhibitions have appeared in the UK and Australia - "Sydney Harbour 'Horrible Histories - Pirates" exhibition 2016.

I'm  planning several new visitor attractions for the UK and worldwide, starting in 2017. There will be books to accompany the attractions. The plans are mainly confidential but here is a flavour of what is to come ...

1.   Miniature worlds

See history come to life in worlds that are knee-high to the visitor. Learn the secrets of  the past.

2.   Live in the past

Dress in historic costume and learn how to live in an historic age. Face challenges and test your new skills, guided by actors playing people from the past. 

3.   True Time Tales

The 'True Tales' series of books (publisher, Bloomsbury Education) will be brought to life by actors and animations then young visitors can go on to step into the past of a reconstructed world.

The Terry Deary History Experience Park

Terry says:-

"What I hope to build is a History "Experience" where I recreate authentic villages from various periods - Tudor, Roman, Victorian perhaps - with nothing of the 20th century in them."

"They'll be enclosed in domes like the Eden Project in Cornwall so they'll be all-weather attractions and they will not be museums or theme parks; they will be peopled by actors and the visitors can join in the never-ending re-enactments of the past - with all its horrible history flavour - over there is a pickpocket on trial for stealing ... is he guilty, do we hang him? YOU, the visitor, must decide."

"Over there is Mr Shakespeare rehearsing a play and having trouble with the Puritans ... over here are the preparations for Queen Elizabeth's visit."

"In that house is a craftsman turning wooden bowls, and in that one a woman selling roast thrushes to take away while there is a house being built using genuine tools and skills and over there a Tudor ship. (When the ship is completed it will sail on the river and a new one built - when we have two we'll have a sea battle!)"

"And all the time the visitors are encouraged to interact and "experience" a day in the life of the period."

Horrible Histories – Funfair of fear exhibition

The National Museum and Galleries of Wales staged this spectacular exhibition in 2000.

South Wales Echo 14 April 2000 : An Eye-popping exhibition! -

"Visitors to the exhibition will be able to throw beanbag Christians into lions' mouths and hear the sounds of the animals roaring. Bloody-axe beanbags can be hurled at Henry VIII's wives, knocking them over to reveal whether they really did lose their heads to the axe-man. A castle, complete with dungeon, is filled with victims being tortured. It looks stunning. It will win over children who have never been interested in history before."

Horrible Histories - Crime and Punishment Exhibition

Terry designed the "Horrible Histories - Crime and Punishment Exhibition" was at the Royal Armouries in Leeds (July - November 2007) will try some of the concepts on a smaller scale.

It broke attendance records.

Horrible Histories - Woeful First World War

And in 2008 the "Imperial War Museum North" in Manchester had a 'Horrible Histories - Woeful First World War' exhibition.

Horrible Histories – Terrible Trenches & Spies

In 2009 until October 2010 there was the 'Horrible Histories – Terrible Trenches' exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London. This was followed by a successful "Horrible Histyories - Spies" the following year.