2023 and the 30th Anniversary of 'Horrible Histories'

There will be several events, appearances and competitions to mark the 30th anniversary of the 'Horrible Histories' series.

They will be announced here once they are confirmed. Meanwhile the new books appearing are below ...

Out in January

Ruthless Romans (newspaper edition) (Horrible Histories)  Awesome Egyptians (newspaper edition) (Horrible Histories)   Stormin' Normans (newspaper edition) (Horrible Histories)

Latest new titles

The latest "Horrible Histories" title that launched in time for Halloween 2022 is "Horrible Histories - Ghosts"

Ghosts (Horrible Histories)

2021 saw the launch of old titles in new design and will continue in 2023 with

Rotten Romans (Horrible Histories)  Terrifying Tudors (Horrible Histories)  

Vile Victorians (Horrible Histories)  Woeful Second World War (Horrible Histories)

The"Horrible Histories" series of 'Secret Diaries'  began with Henry VIII and May 22 saw the launch of 'HH Secret Diary of Boudica'

Queen Boudica's Secret Diary (Horrible Histories)

The latest to appear is 'William the Conqueror' in November 22.

'HH Secret Diary of Henry VIII' was reviewed on Amazon :-

Excellent history book and a great addition to the Horrible History series.

It is a great way to bring school history to life.

A must have for any Horrible History fan.

I expect any Horrible Histories fan will lap this up

My children are now eagerly awaiting the next instalments in diary series (with the next one being Queen Victoria).

The traditional Horrible Histories books have always been a favourite of mine and this looks like it could be another great series.

Would highly recommend.

Irish titles

Meanwhile, in Ireland, Terry will be promoting a new educational fiction series, 'Tales of Ballydoon' for Irish schools. (Publisher CJ Fallon)