March - April - May 2019


4 April 2019: "Horrible Histories - Pirates' Exhibition opens in Portsmouth

27 April & 4 May 2019: 'Terry Deary's History Roadshow' performed at Lanchester Community Centre. Tickets £10

May 2019: Launch of series 8 of 'Horrible Histoeries' on CBBC Television

20 - 22 June 2019: Terry appears on stage with Birmingham Stage Company productions of 'Terrible Tudors' and 'Awful Egyptians' at Darlington.

 2 July 2019: Terry appears at Bradford Literary Festival
26 July 2019: Launch of 'Horrible Histories - The movie : Rotten Romans'

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Television productions

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This month I'll be planning and researching four new theatre events

'11th Hour'Educational Theatre tour

A story from 1918 to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War 1 - the Armistice. Two enemied come face-to-face with just an hour of the war still to run

Shakespeare Musical

A large-scale musical for a West End development in 2019

True Tales of the Opera

A touring entertainment looking at the amazing world of opera, its writers and its pewrformers.

'Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain 5'

Scripting a new episode of the ever-popular West End musical for Summer 2019

New Media

I'll also be looking at the possibility of producing "Horrible Histories" as Augmented Reality (AR) app for smartphones and tablets. They will be fun history guides to selected cities in the UK



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 New writing this month

In the first quarter of 2019 I'll be writing 3 new books for publication in 2019/20:

A new 'Horrible Histories' title

'Horrible Histories - Cruel Britannia' - a book for adults looking at what makes Britain different

'Peasants Revolting Lives' - a disgusting history of life among the underclasses. Book 2 in the series following 'Peasants Revolting Crimes' (Published September 2019)


Published in the first quarter will be a reprint of 'Master Crook's Crime Academy.


  • I have about 100 children's fiction titles that are now out of print. I have been working to convert some of them into e-books and make them available to a new generation of readers. In June 2013 I relaunched his fabulous "Tudor Chronicles" historical fiction series as Kindle downloads.
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My massively popular 'True Stories' from the 1990s are also released as Kindle books
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US Sales

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